Mark Langridge


    Mark is an Executive Director of R&Q.

    He has worked within the London insurance industry since 1980 when he began his career with the Prudential Corporation, qualifying as an accountant in 1987.

    In 1993 Mark joined KWELM Management Services where, as Reinsurance Director, he was responsible for managing the legacy of the insolvent HS Weavers’ underwriting pool which had liabilities of more than $9bn and which presented unique challenges for the P&C industry in London and internationally.

    Following the closure of the KWELM estate in 2005, Mark set up and part owned the KMS Group before its acquisition by R&Q in 2008.

    Prior to his appointment as Executive Director in January 2018, Mark was Chief Executive Officer of the R&Q Insurance Investments Division and prior to that R&Q Insurance Services Ltd.